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lauantai, 1. syyskuu 2018

Latest Fashionable and Colourful Bedroom Ideas

Creating a colorful room is a fun and interesting way to add personality and a touch of individuality to your personal oasis and personal space. This room is unfortunately the most neglected room during the last renovation and renovation. This is a common event because it seems that common areas such as living rooms and bathrooms always have priority. Being a private space, you have the freedom to decorate according to your wishes, which means that you do not have to follow current trends and fashions. This is your refuge; Choose the style that suits you best.

We understand that brilliant magazines have recently been invaded by minimalist and modern pieces that have neither colors nor life. If you always dream of living and living, you will find the book below which is ideal for you. Realize your dreams and follow the skills and knowledge of experts in India!

Everyone likes to see red and blue together. They are real color palettes that have been used for centuries to decorate aristocrats and kings. Long ago, it was difficult to create these colors and because it was too expensive for most people. Today, thanks to the sophisticated coloring techniques, we can have bright colors rich in red and blue in our homes. The contrast between these two elements provides an amazing blend suitable for every room. As you can see here, the designers skilfully exchanged sheets for white headboards and dark chocolate walls. This is a great way to make sure that even if you have a touch of color, you do not have to sacrifice a sensual and moody aura.

If you do not want to sacrifice a white or off scheme, you can easily add color to the laundry. This is one of the most common ways to change clothes as often as your heart wants. Today many stores offer sheets, sheets and blankets in a variety of colors and patterns: the choice is unlimited. If the main element of your room, as shown, is smooth, you can add the boldest and lightest wash to the maximum impact. As shown, the blue becomes the hero of the statue and stands out in the white sea. For more details information house bedroom design visit modern house interior design.

This room is happy in the sense that color is added to the wall and to the bed. A complementary yellow and brown color palette was chosen to create a tranquil yet lively space. Perfectly yellow chocolate scale; If it is white or light wood, the room will be a little too bright. In this way, they combine colors and textures to create a warm and inviting space - the right adjectives to describe the bedroom!

Feature walls are one of the easiest and most modern ways to color your room. If you prefer light linen for easy maintenance, you can add textures and patterns elsewhere. This beautiful wall is made from carnelian oranges. A vibrant and vibrant member of the quartz family. Completely made with authentic gems, different tones that change from red to orange to yellow give a new and interesting dimension.

If you rent your apartment or your home, your decorating choices are rather limited. The easiest way is to add paint to the wall through the graphics. You can become crazy and excited by experts like Fatfatiya, which will surely fill your life! The range of prints available is very wide and you can also use your artistic license if you have money. If you have kids, their efforts to become a mini picnic are very good when framed and exposed. Framing these images, you can keep lasting memories of their growth on the wall.

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Bedroom Design for Darkness Colour

In general, it is preferred in most domestic spaces. Darkness often refers to a cold and damp environment and is not considered attractive. As shown by this room, clearly not the case. Designed by interior designers and decorating studios in Pune, all the dark tones of the room with the availability of natural sunlight through a large, balanced window. Wealth downlight and hidden LED lights that frame the room to the ceiling, illuminating the room at night. Sleep comfortably on a large comfortable bed with black sheets and drown any light that can slip.


to decorate the undeniable elegance of the simple concept of black and white space, it is in this beautiful bedroom, also of Pune, which is perfectly implemented. As above, we see the use of large dark curtains to avoid light pollution from the outside world at night, which can be easily removed during the day to allow sunlight. There is no color in this room with the context can not be combined. All the furniture and decorations are in black and white, reinforced by a large mirror that opens the space for great effects.

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Bedroom Design with Garden Room

Interest is conducive to happiness. Every woman can remember when they gave her flowers for the last time. Undeniable natural beauty, radiated by a bouquet of fresh flowers, can be introduced permanently into a room with simple floral prints. In this dream bedroom, designed by Zia Enterprises of Delhi, it is possible to see the covering of the flowers with matching pillowcases and pillowcases. This light and airy room with this cool tone guarantees a good night's sleep and positive dreams. With the addition of white furniture and a fresh bouquet of flowers, what better place to spend the night?

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Concept Bedrooms Design

Most of our lives are spent sleeping, because the average person sleeps 8 hours a day. With an average age of 78, 230,000 hours of sleep or 26 years! When we spend about a third of our lives in a room, it makes sense to make it one of the most comfortable rooms in our home.


It is important to invest in a comfortable bed using glasses that help you sleep and surround you with decorations that help us feel at ease. Some prefer light tones to facilitate the natural process of waking up with the sun. Others prefer darkness because it is much easier to sleep in a dark room. You might prefer a lot of bedroom decorations to customize the space, or choose a minimalist concept to calm the mind and help you fall asleep with your head shiny. Whatever you like, there's no hidden fact that most of your life is spent here, so you can also invest your mind and your time to create an inviting and unique space.


There are many great designers in India and today house wants to introduce some to sleep and dream big.

Bedroom Design

The designers of this room have chosen to use very few pieces of furniture to focus their attention on the aesthetic quality of this cubic bed. This modern bed, placed on a traditional four-poster bed, shows the pillars that meet to form cubic prisms with simple and pleasant lines. The ancient canopy beds traditionally have the shape of a rectangle that follows the shape of the bed. We can see here how the bottom of the bed protrudes on the side and at the end, so that a square is formed and a perfect cube can be formed.

Circle Theme

Unlike the puzzle lines of a cubic bed frame, this piece uses a soft curve as the dominant theme of the work. The round beds are located above the semicircular platform to highlight round shapes.

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Bedroom Plan

When you enter this sophisticated space, you will surely be attracted to a relaxed state and you will admire the elegance that radiates from this room. The circular and delicate tones of the marble floors, materials that represent good taste, immediately capture the attention. Designed by Shroffleón of Mumbai, the size of this room can not be hidden. With small chandeliers and chandeliers that illuminate the bedroom and lights hidden behind a false ceiling, the happy couples who spend their nights here seem to be king on their four walls.